Yonnell Nolan

Utility Worker


To have a position where I can use my skills and hardworking ability, to benefit my employer and be of service to others.

Professional Experiences


Cherry Island Landfill

Since September 2009
Wilmington - United States

My job duties consist of directing individuals in the parking area. Informing individuals on what can, and can not be deposited on site.


Simply Immaculate

From June 2003 Till September 2009
Middletown - United States

My job duties for commerical contracts consisted of: cleaning rooms, hallways, bathrooms, corridors, stairways, and other work areas so that health standards were met. I was also responsible for assigning workers their duties and inspecting their work to ensure the prescribed standards of cleanliness were being performed.



Food Lion

From March 2002 Till April 2003
Middletown - United States

My job duties consisted of checking product levels, examining expiration dates and rotating goods

Replenishing, and straightening products on the shelves. I would also assist customers with locating items throughout the store.


Coin Verification

Delaware Park

From January 2001 Till February 2002
Wilmington - United States

My duties consisted of emptying and transporting money collected from machines.  

Educational Background

High School Diploma

Wilmington High School

June 1995
United States



I possess the ability to learn quickly and carry out the duties that are asked of me in an effective and timely manner.   

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